Yishuang GUO

​郭  奕爽

Being raised in an engineering family in the eastern world, architecture first to me is more structurally realistic than fantasies, the discipline of structural rationality was the creed to ensure the stability of every single structure.

It was challenged when advanced technologies provide more and more options for architect to envision their dreams, until then I realize that it is not the structure to bind our mind, but the mind to break the structure. We are the one who create dreams.

I think of time. My works about the dreams were either imagination about the future or representation of the past. However, time is not something merely existing in past vague memories, nor blurry illusions about the uncertain future. To see the world, to witness the power of nature, to live a life in urban forest, to experience the breakthroughs around the world.

I am an architect of the present, and a dreamer of the future.




  • 09/2016 - Now

The Cooper Union

Master of Architecture, II

  • 09/2011 - 06/2016

South China University of Technology​

Bachelor of Architecture

Major GPA : 4.0 / 4.0

General GPA : 3.71 / 4.0

  • 07/2011 - 09/2011

Cornell University

Summer School 

Class : Academic Writing / Architecture Studio

  • 09/2008 - 06/2011

The Affiliated High School of SCNU 

High School Degree



  • 04/2018-now

Studio Link-Arc, LLC

Collaborated in multiple civic projects in all phrases, including:

-LUHU Scientific & Technological Culture Center

-Yinhu Future School

-Dachong School

  • 11/2017-02/2018

McMAHON-BAEK Architecture, DPC

Collaborate in high-end residential project in New York. Content of work is classified with limited presentation in printed personal portfolio.​

  • 01/2015 - 12/2015

Atelier CnS

Architectural Designer

Preliminary Design

Construction Documentation

  • 07/2014 - 12/2014

Architectural Design Research Institute Of

South China University Of Technology

Architectural Designer

Detail Study of Dachang Muslim Cultural Center
Preliminary Planning of Suqian Glass Cultural Industry Park Planning
Concept Design of Suqian Glass Museum
Concept Design of Shenyang Cultural Pavilion



  • 04/2015 - 06/2015

The Morphology of Food

Research about agricultural planning in the future and possible solutions to promote agriculture efficiency
Collage / Concept Planning / Master Plan

  • 09/2011 - 06/2016

Joint Workshop with HO CHI MINH Architectural Univercity

A study of new architectural space inspired by traditional Vietnamese handcraft
Team Leader / Rendering / Modeling



  • 10/2016

UIA-HYP 2016 International Student Competition

In Architectural Design

Third Prize, Group Work of Two
Chief Design / Concept Design / Rendering
Prophet’s Rock: Contemplation of the Religions and History of Jerusalem
Organized by UIA

  • 02/2016-06/2016

Turing Studio​

Co-founder of the organization  See Also

features education in architecture

Lecture planing / Lecturer / Site Manager 

  • 10/2015

2015 Young Bird Plan

Top 50, Group Work of Two
Chief Design / Rendering
Rock Pavilion: A Cultural Pavilion with a new way to regenerate knowledge
Organized by Young Bird Plan

  • 12/2014 - Now


Group Work of Two
Chief Design / 3D Modeling
Blended: A Chair for Architects and a museum for chairs
Organized by Guangzhou International Art Center & Times Property

  • 08/2014

2014 Asian Contest Of The Rookie’s Award For Architectural Student
Top 100, Solo Work
Terrace: A piled architectural department hall
Organized by Southeast University

  • 05/2014

The 8th CAPOL ZHUJUE Cup Undergraduate Architectural Design Competition
Third Prize, Group Work of Five
Concept Design / Rendering
The Hive: An easy-to-build prototype of temporary building after the earthquake
Organized by Guangdong University of Technology​

  • 11/2012

“BRIDGING RIVERS” International Architecture Design Competition
Top Six, Solo Work
Folding Bridge & Alley:A twisted bridge to inherit local culture
Organized by FUTURE Magazine



  • 12/2014

Peng's Scholarship

First Prize

Sponsored by Family Peng

  • 01/2014

Excellent Student Scholarship

Sponsored by South China University of Technology

  • 03/2012 - 01/2014

Outstanding Student Cadres

Sponsored by South China University of Technology

  • 12/2013

Comprehensive Merit Scholarship 

First Prize

Sponsored by South China University of Technology

  • 12/2013

"Times Property" Scholarship

Second Prize

Sponsored by Times Property Co. Limited.

  • 12/2012

Comprehensive Merit Scholarship 

Third Prize

Sponsored by South China University of Technology






English (Toefl 107, GRE 321+3.0)

German (Entry Level)



Proficient: Photoshop/AutoCAD/Sketch Up/AI
Moderate: Premier/Logic/Revit/Rhino (Grasshopper)
Beginning: Maya/AfterEffect


Vietnam (2015)

Switzerland (2013)

United States (2011)


Piano (Level 10)

Calligraphy (Level 5)​