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Located in Shenzhen, a new-born harbor city in the south of China, where the economy is growing in an amazing speed while its education investment is relatively left behind. Not yet did the city develop its own local culture, citizens want a place to breed their own art.

Instructor: Xu ZHANG

October, 2015


Nowadays galleries and museums happen to have these difficulties:

1. When seeing fine arts, audiences cannot have contact with the authors, making exhibits more difficult to understand by audiences without background research;

2. Peope tend to find more related links when they see something inspiring, but garreries are often lack of quick access to extended information;

3.Visitors often get into an impulse of creation after being inspired, however which only lasts for a short while after the visit, and easily being distracted;

4. The phrase "visiting museum" in dialect is more often regarded as a process with seriousness, solemnity, exhausting.

A new system of knowledge feedback system should be riaised to selve these problems. A campaign of a cultural experience hall design happen to give us a chance.


When creators are no longer those mysterious artists, and creating process no longer enclosed, the art created by public audiences can be quickly elected and spread. The most thrilling part is that, through several hours of hard work, the art created by visitors also have the chance to be presented in the museum. It's similar to the chemical process of refinery.

  • These works should be made by visitors themselves;

  • The process of creating art is also open to the public;

It's clear now that the building should be made through 3 units: gallery / library / incubators.


Through the story witness the process of regenerating knowledge.

In the morning, visitors get into the base of pavilion (1F) for new artworks and having new lectures, leaving a fresh impression about new ideas.

After lecture / exhibition, people seek for more information through bookshelves with a fresh meal in the cafe bookstore, lecturers, sharing their after-lecture talks with audiences for further communication.

After a short break, people are given the place to make their own artworks. In customized compartments, they are quipped with tools for art pieces.

When sunsets, staffs would collect all works left behind on the roof garden, where people vote for their favorite pieces.

For visitors, it's a crystallization process from idea to fruit. A meaningful on-day tour experience, as well as a city's own culture incubator.