The task then is to document the state and impact of these issues over a 20 year period from 2037 to 2057. The future is now past. All forms of media are available for these speculations. The studio is not looking for solutions to these crisis as understood in 2017. The studio is asking how the architecture, landscape, infrastructure of a future New York will look, how it will perform, how it will adjust and be adjusted by chosen issues.

Instructor: Michael Young

May, 2017

Take a tour into the future...

In 2057, what will things be like?

Take a tour into New York Subway Stations in 2057, and you'll try to foresee its story.

This exhibition tries to identify what public transportation will be in a short-term future. Will it bring more efficiency in the future, and what may cause more serious problems potentially? Will it still be the same as we live today, or will it change from bottom to head,  and embrace a new outfit? We have not yet answered. 

But, take a look into those glitches in their everyday lives, maybe you shall see a glimpse of where reality stands for.

End of Tour..?

The responsibility of we architects is not trying to solve the problem we see, but to unveil it.

Here is a story of New York 2057, as one puzzle of the whole picture.